At Advance Paris, we create audio experiences that transcend the ordinary, a harmonious blend of technology and art.

Born in 1995 from the dreams and passions of audiophiles, Advance Paris has always pushed the limits of high-fidelity audio. From the beginning, our goal has been to provide uncompromising sound quality at accessible prices, and our journey has been marked by innovation and dedication to the art of music reproduction. Our amplifiers, CD players, preamplifiers, speakers and more are not just products; these are the chapters of a sonic odyssey. With a touch of elegance, they deliver music that stirs the soul, along with innovations that continue to redefine the listening experience.

Notre Selection:


Un amplificateur intégré stéréo classique à haute performance de classe A/B avec entrées numériques et DAC haute résolution.

A Classic High Performance Class A/B Stereo Integrated Amplifier with digital inputs and Hi-Res DAC.


Le X-P700est un preamplificateur stéréo avance pour construire un système de la plus haute qualité avec une amplification séparée.

The X-P700 is an advanced stereo preamplifier for building a system of the highest quality with separate amplification.

A10 classic

Un amplificateur intégré de haute qualité étonnante avec une préamplification à tubes et HDMI ARC.

A stunning high quality integrated amplifier with tube pre-amplification and HDMI ARC.